Monday, June 20, 2011

Brenanstown Portal Tomb

This Portal Tomb (sometimes called Glendruid or Brenastown Dolmen) is thought to date from 2,500 BC, it is located in a stunning valley. Close by is a stream which gives you a perfect soundtrack to view this superb site. The structure consists of twin portal stones and a door stone supporting a massive capstone. The height of the Tomb is close to 11 ft and the capstone is said to weigh around 45 tons. On the top of the capstone are two deep channels which run to the side, if (as is sometimes claimed) the capstone was used as a druids altar these may have been of use to release the flow of blood from a human sacrifice OR maybe they were just rain drains.
If you do visit this site remember it is at the back of a private residence so please ask first.