Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Graigue Standing Stone

To be honest I was on my way to another site when I came across Graigue.
Having seen images of this standing stone I had always thought the site was far from the beaten track.    

This giant of a stone has split into two.
The larger of the slabs remains upright with the smaller one now at a forty five degree angle (resting on two large stones).
The upright stone is over 3.5 meters in height and over 2.5 meters in width.
The smaller slab is 3 meters in height and over 2 meters in width.

Access - The stone can be seen very clearly from the road, it is in a field just before you reach the quarry. Parking will be a problem as the road is very narrow, to get up close to the stone you will have to climb a bank (small) and hop over a fence.