Thursday, December 3, 2015

An Seisear Stone Row / Alignment

This superb sites name translates to mean "The Six" but as you can see one of these giants has fallen. The five that remain are nothing short of breath taking. The sheer size and shape of these stones is just stunning.

The alignment is over 11 meters in length.
The 2 biggest stones are located at each end and both are close to the 3 meter mark in height.
The inner stones are an equally impressive 2 meters in height.

The setting for this site is slightly spoiled by the closeness of a plantation of trees quite close to the stones.

Access - The alignment can be seen from the Bweeng/Coachford road (R619).
Parking can be found close to the entrance gate into the field.
From the road the site looks quite small but as you walk up the field and near the stones you begin to realise how impressive and special this alignment is.