Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kilgraney Portal Tomb

This tomb had been on my wish list for some time.
Knowing that the tomb had collapsed did not lessen my intent to see this site up close.

The setting for Kilgraney could not be better, tucked away in the corner of a field with the soundtrack of running water only a few meters away.

The capstone is just under 5 meters in length and is over 2.5 meters in width.
This huge stone now rests on only one stone, with all the others fallen.

I was lucky enough to meet the farmer whose land the tomb is on, he was very helpful in giving exact directions to the site and came across as being very proud to have this fallen giant on his land.

Access - heading south on the R702 the turn for the tomb is on your left just after a very bad bend, follow this road until you are running parallel with the main road.
The field the tomb is in is marked very clearly it has a photo of the site stuck onto the frame of the gate.