Thursday, December 12, 2013

Boherboy Stone Pair

This great little stone pair can be found right beside the road on the main Tallaght Saggart B82 road.

I remember having these stones pointed out to me many years ago (family living close by) and in the intervening years I have driven by them many times until this summer I finally pulled over for a closer look.
The pair are known locally as Adam and Eve and they do have a real male female look about them.
The bigger stone Eve is 1.3 meters high with the angled Adam stone just slightly smaller.

Access - the stones are located in a field which is beside a bad bend on the road.
A little further down the road towards Saggart is a wide kerbside where it is safe to park and then walk back up to the site.
The stones can be seen clearly from the road and the gate into the field is very close to the stone pair.