Friday, June 20, 2014

Ballynageeragh Portal Tomb

These shots are the result of a re visit to Ballynageeragh, as on the previous occasion I was not happy with the way the images turned out.
Ballynageeragh tomb to be honest is a bit of a mess as it has been reconstructed quite badly.
Some of the people responsible for this even saw fit to put their name to the work (you can find it on the cavity blocks at the back).

The tombs capstone is over 4 meters in length and close to 2.5 meters in width.
It has a nice angle which gives the tomb a bit of character.
The wall stones are at funny angles and look all wrong, but even they don't prepare you for the work of
P Murray & Sons which can be seen in all its glory at the back of the tomb.

Ballynageerargh is part of Waterford's Dolmen trail.
You will find much better tombs close by like Gaulstown and Knockeen.
But this tomb is still very much worth a visit as despite the work carried out this tomb when viewed from the front looks pretty special.

Access - The tomb is located in a very large field,
The field is opposite a working farm and has a narrow lane way that brings you down to the site, there is room for parking. 
From where you park the tomb will look a bit on the small side, but when you climb the cattle gate and get up closer you will see this is not true as the tomb has a nice size to it.