Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Shronebirrane Stone Circle

What I have read and seen about this circle has always pushed it well down my list of must see sites - missing stones and being "Charged" for the privilege of looking at this site.
So when on my way back from another site close by (free to view) and with a bit of time to spare before work, I took the turn for this circle.
The drive down into Drimminboy Valley towards this site is nothing less than stunning and the setting for the remaining 8 stones (originally 13) could not be better.
The tallest of the circles stones is 2.6 meters high, with the others decreasing in height.
You will find better circles close by but for sheer backdrop this makes Shronebirrane a must see.
The Charge, well I hopped the gate saw no one and spent about 15 minutes at the site with the €2 in my pocket (which I spent on an ice cream on the way back to work).