Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ardamore Stone Alignment & Standing Stone

Ardamore stone alignment consists of three standing stones, which is over 7 meters in length.
The tallest of the three is 3 meters in height with the other two just over 2 meters.
The alignment is claimed to be orientated on the setting sun at the Winter Solstice.  
The setting for this site could not be more stunning with great backdrops in every direction (on a clear day).

The standing stone is in the same field as the alignment and is equally impressive.
This beast of a stone is north-east of the alignment and is located in the bottom part of the field.
The stone is close to 3 meters in height and is 2 meters in width.
One side of the stone is decorated with art motifs, to see these markings click on this link to Megalithic Ireland .
Finding this great site is pretty easy I asked for permission at the farm and walked up the rough road (about 4 minutes).