Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Muiredach's Cross (south cross)
The Tall Cross (west cross)
The North Cross

Monasterboice dates back to the 5th Century when St Buite founded a monastic community here.
Today a visit to this great site will bring you into contact with two church's, a round tower and three high crosses.
The round tower stands to an impressive 28 meters high despite missing its cap.
The tower is the easy way to find this site, you can see it from the M1.
The two most famous high crosses are of sandstone and are dated around the 10th Century

-Muiredach's Cross (south cross) is 5.2 meters tall, with beautiful detail on both sides.
The cross gets its name from an inscription at the base "saying it was erected by Muiredach".
-The Tall Cross (west cross) is Ireland's tallest high cross, it is over 7 meters tall.
This cross has detailed panels on both sides, my personal favorite is David with the head of Goliath.
-The third cross which is known simply as the north cross, is tucked away in its own enclosure against one of the boundary walls in the graveyard.
The head of this cross has been grafted onto a newer plain body.

Monasterboice has so much to offer, just give yourself plenty of time.