Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Inchincurka Wedge Tomb

The superb looking wedge tomb of Inchincurka is one of the lesser known wedge tombs to be found in County Cork.

This small but compact tomb is a wonderful example of a Wedge Tomb.

The tomb is aligned East - West and is about 4 meters in length.
The height of the tomb is 1.5 meters and is close to 2 meters in width.  

The gallery of the tomb is very overgrown so difficult to see any detail.

Access - The site can be seen from the R585 and is best entered via a lane way to the left of the tomb.
I visited this tomb in early summer 2018 and as can be seen from the images it is somewhat overgrown. However I have seen many older images with it in a far worse condition.