Friday, January 15, 2016

Roscrea Round Tower

St Cronan founded the monastery in Roscrea in the late 6th Century (He died in the early part of the 7th Century).
The site was chosen as it formed part of the ancient route between Tara and Cashel.  
The tower dates from the 11th Century.
It is 20 meters high and made from sandstone.
The plain doorway is close to 2.5 meters from ground level.
The tower also has 3 windows.
The earliest mention of the round tower is when it was struck by lightning in 1131.

Across a very busy main road - but not early on a Sunday morning is the Romanesque 12th Century St Cronan's church (image 4).
What you can see in the picture is sadly all that is left of what must have been a stunning site.

Access - The tower and church are right beside the old Dublin to Roscrea main road (N62) just before you enter the town.
Parking can be found pretty easy within walking distance.