Friday, July 18, 2014

Garrane Stone Row / Alignment

The superb stone row of Garrane is along with the many other stone row alignments in county Cork well worth the effort of checking out.

The four stone row stands North East - South West.
Sadly one of the stones has fallen.
The three stones that still stand range from the tallest at a massive 4.5 meters with the two smaller stones an impressive 3.5 and 3 meters in height.

By the look of the stones this site has been flooded quite badly recently.

Despite a pretty dire day for my visit, this took absolutely nothing away from getting to see Garrane stone row up close. The sheer size of the stones make Garrane very special.

Access - The alignment is on private land and is hard to spot from the road.
Travelling from the Mallow direction via Dromahane you will pass a farm on your right - the stone row is directly behind the next house.
Visiting Garrane would be best advised in the summer - preferably after a dry spell.
The fields in and around the stone row are used for grazing cattle.