Monday, February 18, 2013

Ballymoon Castle

Ballymoon Castle is a castle without history.
What is known, based on its design, it was probably built between 1290 and 1310. 
It is thought that the builders were the Carew family who were very active in the area at that time.
The castle is 24 meters by 24 meters, with the granite walls rising to an impressive 6 meters with the thickness being close to 2.5 meters.
The outer walls were once believed to have walk ways, but nothing remains of them today.
Three square towers project from sides while the fourth has a gatehouse as its feature.
The interior of the courtyard is now bare, but markings of fireplaces along with gun loops and arrow slits all remain.
Their is considerable weight given to the thought that the castle may never have been finished.
All I can say is that on a fine day you will not wish yourself anywhere else.
This site is quite simply superb and along with other castles close by, you truly will lose yourself in the past.  
The site is well signposted and can be found just off the R724 about 3.5 kilometres from Bagnelstown.