Monday, February 9, 2015

Drumanone Portal Tomb

This was a revisit to Drumanone as my first attempt to photograph this site left me with mixed results.
I am not sure how these measure up as I lost my original images on a lap top (that had not been backed up).

Drumanone despite having it's capstone badly slipped is still a very striking tomb.
The two portal stones are over two meters high.
The slightly smaller door slab stands snugly between the two portals.
The two side stones have moved probably as a result of the capstone slipping.
The massive Capstone is about 4.5 meters in length and just under 4 meters in width.

Drumanone is not one of Ireland's most famous tombs but it really is worth a visit.
The tomb has a real presence about it that will stay with you.

Access - Getting to the site is pretty easy even though you have to cross a railway line.
The pathway that leads up to the railway crossing has an old house in ruin that you can park beside.
Make sure to close gates and mind yourself at the crossing.