Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cloonboo Castle

Cloonboo Castle can be found in the parish of Annaghdown.
The castle is said to have been one of many built by the Skerrett family in the local area.
The town land that Cloonboo stands in is called Castle quarter (which seems pretty appropriate).

The castle (thought to be 15th Century) is four stories high and has a partial spiral staircase on the mostly ivy covered north side.
This side also has a entrance to the castle ( where signs are located warning you to stay out of the dangerous ruin).
While I stood at the doorway looking inside the castle a horse walked in by me, it would seem the castle now acts as a stable for the two horses in the field that surrounds the castle.

Access - The castle can be seen from the N84 Headford to Galway road.
Parking is not a problem. You can park quite close to the castle - at the entrance to Abbey Signs buisness.