Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Stone Circles of Glebe [Cong]

Circle Number 1
This is the circle that is signed from the main road.
It is quite large but the overall effect is spoiled by the thick black railing
surrounding the circle.

Circle Number 2
This circle can be found in a field behind the first circle and to the left.
Very few of the original stones remain but this circle still has a nice feel to it.

Circle Number 3
This circle is now part of someone's back garden.
On one side is a thick black railing (like circle 1) and the other side has had
a wall built right up against some of the circle stones.
This circle is located at the back of a house on the Cong side of circle number 1
(or directly behind circle number 4)

Circle Number 4
The biggest of the four circles but also the most ruined.
(perhaps a thick black railing might have been of help to this circle down through
the ages!!!!).
This circle can be found in the field behind circle number 1 (to the right) or right
behind circle number 3.

The four stone circles to be found at Glebe in Cong Co Mayo are all very different.
This site is a must see as the 4 circles are so close to each other.
Had this site been looked after down through the years, it would be nothing short of stunning.
On leaving these sites after my visit I felt "Ireland has missed a great opportunity"
All of the circles can be found in adjoining fields, with circles one and three probably easier to get to from the main road.
(note:-circle number 1 mapped).