Saturday, August 23, 2014

Dunmore Castle

The impressive Dunmore Castle sits on a small hillock partially surrounded by large trees almost keeping it hidden from the main road.

The first castle on this site was built by the de Birmingham family in the 13th Century.
Dunmore was attacked and burned by the O' Connors in 1249.
The castle came under attack again in 1284 from the forces of Fichra O' Flynn.
In 1315 Dunmore was once again in conflict with Rory O'Connor.

The castle was re built in the early 14th century and a lot of what is visible today dates from this time.
An additional 2 floors were built on in the 16th Century.

What you can see today is five stories high.
A ground floor entrance (the original was on the second floor) brings you inside to the empty shell of a ruin.

Access - The castle is located a short drive from the village of Dunmore (R328), parking can be found roadside within walking distance.