Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dromatouk Stone Circle

Dromatouk Stone Circle is a great little circle that is well worth the effort of finding.
When you do find the circle it throws in a nice bonus for the effort (see below).

The small (but perfectly proportioned) circle has five stones - with two large black thorn trees growing inside the stones.
The largest of the stone is 1.5 meters in height with the circle over 2 meters in diameter.

Finding the circle is pretty easy if you approach it from the southern side.
I found a track that brought me right up to the field that has the circle in it.
I made my trek to the circle in the middle of Ireland's two week heatwave (yes heatwave and Ireland in the same sentence!!!!), which meant the track was dry and firm. This could be a different story at other times of the year as the land is very boggy in most parts.

The bonus you can just spot in the top image.
It is behind the trees to the right of the circle - Standing stones (a post of which will follow soon).