Thursday, April 25, 2013

Broadleas Stone Circle

Broadleas Stone Circle is for me the total stand out circle of the few that can be found in Leinster.
The circle is located only a short drive from Athgreany Stone Circle
The circle has 39 stones in total.  A walk around the circle will leave you in no doubt that other stones are missing.
The width of the circle is close to 30 meters, with the biggest of the boulder stones standing at approximately 1 meter in height.
I have no doubt what helps make this site so special for me is the trees Ash, Holly and Blackthorn.
These for me all help make this circle pretty close to perfect.
Broadleas can be found just off the R411 as you travel from Ballymore Eustace to Hollywood.
The site is easiest to spot coming from the Hollywood direction.