Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Moone High Cross

Moone High Cross is Ireland's second tallest high cross, it can be found a short drive from the post office in  Moone Co Kildare.
The cross is over 5 meters high, made of granite it is dated back to the 8th Century.
The head and base of the cross were discovered in the graveyard of the abbey in 1835, the cross was initially put together with these two sections.
In 1893 the missing middle section was found, and soon after the cross was re erected complete.
The cross features finely crafted Celtic designs, the biblical scenes cover scenes like Daniel in the lions den  the loaves and fishes miracle and the twelve apostles (bottom image).   
The site also has fragments of other high crosses (with some very nice details) displayed close to the main cross.
The church which now provides cover and protection for the high cross is 13th century.