Saturday, August 16, 2014

Staigue Stone Fort

Staigue Stone Fort is another of County Kerry's historical gems.
The fort can be found just off the main Sneem Waterville road, about 8 kilometres from Sneem.

The Stone Fort sits between rugged hills, with the view to the south opening up to Kenmare bay.

The forts walls are 5.5 meters in height and 4 meters thick at the base.
The diameter of the interior is over 27 meters. The inside has two small oval chambers 2 meters in height.
The entrance is under 2 meters in height, the passage is roofed with large double lintels.

The walls can be climbed via a series of crossed steps, you are asked not to walk along the top of the fort (but this seemed to be ignored by the majority on my visit).

The exact dating of the fort is unknown. It is thought to have been built pre St Patrick.
Doctor Peter Harbison ( never leave home without his "Guide to National and Historic Monuments of Ireland") suggests it may even date as far back as the first Century.

Access - The fort is well signposted from the main road, parking is available for several cars.