Monday, September 12, 2011

Roscam Round Tower

Roscam Round Tower is located on one of the more picturesque sites of round towers in Ireland.
The site is said to date back to the time of St Patrick and apart from knowing it was attacked by Vikings at some stage not much else is known of the history. 

The tower is just under 11 meters high and stands in the corner of a field overlooking Oranmore bay.
The tower may never have been finished as the holes that were used for the scaffolding are still very much visible
The doorway just over 1.8 meters from ground level is just a plain square-headed one with no markings.
Nearby and closer to the bay is a 15th century parish church with a graveyard that has to be seen to be believed.

Access:-  The quickest and easiest way to the tower is by the old Dublin road. This leaves you with a walk through a couple of fields (don't forget to close gates behind you). The tower is very visible.