Thursday, November 13, 2014

Knockraheen Stone Circle

The superb site of Knockraheen boasts a circle, stone row and a radial cairn.
The main purpose of my visit was to see the stone circle.

Knockraheen is a lovely five stone circle.
This was my second visit to the site and as on my first visit the site is still in need of a clean up.

The circle has a diameter of 3.8 meters.
The low and long axial stone is over 1 meter in length and over 0.5 of a meter in height, this stone faces S/W.
The four other stones of the circle vary in height and are close to the 1 meter mark.

The two standing quartzite stones are both over the 1 meter mark.
You will pass these stones as you walk to the circle from the road.

The radial cairn was so badly overgrown on the day of my visit I did not attempt to photograph it.

Access - The road that runs beside the site is very narrow so parking is tricky, but you will be able to see the circle from the road.
This really is a great little site, and if it got a little bit of clean up it would be pretty close to perfect.