Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Ballyvackey Stone Circle

Ballyvackey Stone Circle is located in a plain low flat open pasture.

There are just seven stones left here from a probable original nine stones, although some believe there may have been as many as thirteen stones in the circle.

The remaining circles stones vary in height from 0.6m to 1.6 meter.

The circle is aligned ENE-WSW and the diameter of the circle 8.5 meters.   

There are much bigger and more famous sites located close by.
Despite being overgrown (I tried my best to stamp the growth down around the stones) don't be put off seeking this site as it will be well worth you time.
The circle even with the missing stones and somewhat plain location still has a nice presence about it.

Access - The site can be spotted from the main road. (R599)
It will be possible to park close to the circle (once one is careful).
Good footwear will be needed as the area close to the circle is quite marshy.