Thursday, May 7, 2015

Kilbennan Round Tower

Kilbennan is said to have been the site of a 5th Century monastery. 
The old monastery was founded by St. Benan or Benignus, St. Patrick's successor at Armagh.

The very eye catching tower is dated to the 10th Century and is built from rough coursed limestone. 
Strangely no mention of the tower is made in the records of the burning of the site in 1114.
The tower at it's highest point is over 16 meters in height, the base is close to 5 meters in diameter.
The doorway is over 4 meters from ground level and is plain in it's design.
This tower always brings a smile to my face, as my daughter pointed out on my latest visit "the tower looks like Pacman took a bite out of it".

The church is dated to the 14th Century when the Franciscans founded a monastery on the site.

Access - The tower is visible from the R332 Tuam Ballinrobe road, parking can be found opposite the site in the more modern church car park.