Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rylane Stone Circle

The superb stone circle of Rylane can be found a short drive from the village of the same name.
(Close by can be found a large standing stone of the same place name.  Bottom image.)

The two square entrance stones sit in front of two smaller pointed stones.
The large axial stone (which leans towards the circle) is 1.6 metres in lenght and
just under 1 metre in height.
The diameter of the circle is 3.5 metres.

The circle may be aligned to the sun-set on the winter solstice.
It is also claimed that Rylane circle was once a seven stone circle.

Acceess:- The site is just under 2kms from Rylane village on your left just past a farm entrance.
You will not be able to see the circle from the road but you will be able to see
the large standing stone of Rylane.
The circle is a short walk to the west of the standing stone.

If I was to have one quibble about Rylane it would be that a number of
loose stones have been thrown inside the circle.
Cleaned up this would make Rylane close to perfect.