Friday, August 1, 2014

Legananny Portal Tomb

One of Northern Ireland's most famous megalithic sites is County Downs Legananny Portal Tomb.

This really has to be one of the most striking tombs I have ever seen with the Mourne mountains providing a superb backdrop.

The tripod tomb has a long narrow capstone which is over 3 meters in length.
The front two portal stones are 1.8 meters in height and the back stone is over 1 meter in height.
One of the front stones has an L shaped cut from the top of the stone (which is thought to be original).

Some stones remain around the base from what would been a more extensive cairn.
The name Legananny comes from "Aines standing stone" Aines being an Irish goddess.

Access - The site is signposted from the A50 Castlewellan to Banbridge road.

Parking for a couple of cars is available and leaves you with a very short walk to the tomb.